Symposium 2023: Towards a Sustainable Way of Life!

Symposium 2023: Towards a Sustainable Way of Life!

Symposium 2023: Towards a Sustainable Way of Life


Our way of life as individual, society and species needs to change for a more sustainable future. We have gotten so used to linear consumption models with a wide range of products available to us throughout the year. During this event, we took a step back and critically assessed how we can break these patterns and transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. First of all by being more inclusive! This was our first event hosted in English, making it available to a broader public. Furthermore, the three themes covered a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. The following questions were discussed:

How can we influence consumer preference for sustainable food products (e.g. local or plant-based)?
How do we achieve clarity in product sustainability for consumers?
How can we restore the urban-rural nutrient cycle (e.g. by using human waste and excretion as fertilizer)?

The symposium was beautifully moderated by Paulien Haakma from ‘de Zaak in Beweging’, who came together with 3 actors and a musician. The use of art to enhance and depict the message we were trying to convey made the afternoon ever more special.



In the morning, groups of experts gathered to tackle each of the three questions addressed in the symposium. This yielded interesting discussions and opportunities for further collaboration. These co-creation sessions were shortly reviewed in the afternoon.

The presentations either viewed the problem from an academic or a business perspective. This gave rise to interesting synergies between theoretic and practical applications.

See the pictures below for an impression of the event!

Result co-creation sessions

Algemene informatie

Jaarlijks organiseert Amsterdam Green Campus een symposium om haar onderwijspartners, overheid en ondernemers samen te brengen binnen een overkoepelend thema. Dit jaar werd gesproken over een duurzame leefstijl.

AGC hosts a yearly symposium to gather knowledge partners, governments and entrepeneurs around a certain theme. This year the topic regarded a sustainable way of life