Creating sustainable and eco-friendly banks and quays

Project: Creating sustainable and eco-friendly banks and quays


BSc and MSc projects possible.


Ecology / Biology / Sustainable engineering


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minimum of 6 months


Gemeente Amsterdam



Opdracht beschrijving

Amsterdam is a fast-growing city. In order to create a healthy, attractive and future-proof living environment for people and animals, eco-friendly development must be taken into careful consideration. In Amsterdam, rebuilding banks and quays is a current issue and at least 600 km of quays are scheduled to be restored. Now is the time to design and implement an eco-friendly approach. Amsterdam has many banks and quays, and some might be more eligible for such an eco-friendly approach. It will be very useful to map out the various areas, banks and quays and to make an assessment of eligible locations. Which areas and canals are suitable for a more eco- friendly and sustainable project? There are also various possibilities to create eco-friendly banks and quays. What kind of measures and projects are feasible in Amsterdam?

De onderzoeksvraag is:

What would be the best way to restore and design the banks and quays in a more eco- friendly and sustainable manner?

Mogelijke deelvragen zijn:

  • Which locations are eligible for these projects? Where would these kind of measures be effective?
  • What are requirements for eco-friendly banks and quays?
  • What criteria should be considered when designing new projects?
  • What kind of shapes or forms will be most effective as ecological quays?

Voor meer info:

Roos van Maanen, Dr | Projectmanager Amsterdam Green Campus

Science Park 904 | kamer C2.221B |1098 XH Amsterdam

m: +31 6 30656518

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