Workshop: Organic Waste Valorisation

An interactive online workshop in the framework of the Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day.


Workshop: Organic Waste Valorisation

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The annual amount of organic waste from the food industry in Noord-Holland and households in Metropole Region Amsterdam is more than 100 kton. A large portion of that is nowadays just being burnt. In this workshop we will address the valorisation challenge of such waste streams. We start with presenting some examples: industrial vegetable waste from the food processing industry and cocoa shell waste. Next, we will address the challenge of valorisation of organic waste from Amsterdam Households. With all creative minds on board, we discuss on potential scientific and technical means to address this challenge to the highest value and to collect all relevant facts and ideas that came up during this interactive session with the ultimate goal to start-up joint research and innovation projects.

13.00 Welcome by Prof. Dr. Wybren Jan Buma, director Van ’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, UvA
Introduction by Dr. Niek Persoon, director Amsterdam Green Campus / UvA
13.10 Prof. Dr. Jeroen Hugenholtz, UvA/WUR: Valorisation of vegetables
13.30 Dr. Willie van den Broek, AMS-institute: Case description from Amsterdam household
13.50 Dr. Shiju Raveendran, UvA: Hydrothermal Liquefaction in waste valorisation
14.05 Breakout session: How to valorise organic waste from Amsterdam household?
14.30 Presentation of the outcome from all breakout rooms including Q&A
14.50 Invitation by Willie van den Broek to join effort in future project(s)
14.55 Closure by Niek Persoon


vrijdag 26 november 2021


13:00 – 15.00 uur